African Woven Wall Accent

Woven wall baskets have drawn attention to many interior designers. Rwanda  wall accent baskets are made from sisal fiber . Rwanda baskets can be used for wall decorations , for  fruits storage or bread basket . Rwanda baskets come in size 7 inches to 18 inches . 

One can use wall accents to decorate living room , office , Dr's office or even interior designer rooms 

 African woven baskets are the best décor solution to many interior décor bloggers , home décor bloggers , socialites . African Baskets have penetrated to the homes of celebrities and prominent politicians 

How to hang African Baskets
Simple and easy way to do it is to have the hooks ready on the wall , you attach the loops to the hooks. 

Why African Baskets is appealing to many Interior designers

Simple and easy way to transform your home is to add the African Baskets . They have multiple usage from wall to kitchen , or can serve as fruits storage.