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A Set of 3 Wall hanging Decor Binga Baskets for modern homes

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This listing offers a set of 3 wall decor binga baskets 

7” to 16” -18” size might be slightly higher or lowest

Binga baskets are very unique and intricate, great idea for a wall decorations . Purely made in Zimbabwe

Colors :

Tan brown and natural Color made the unique look of these baskets
Each basket displays its own unique feature patterns 


We ship worldwide . Shipping time have different timeframes depend on where your address is from
Baskets can be cleaned with soft dry towel and do not expose in the sun .

Count yourself as an environmentalist activist since the materials are coming from our surroundings. We use grass to make the baskets and machines are not involved , it’s purely handmade work


Binga baskets are made out of Ilala palm leaves and grasses with natural bark dyes. The materials have to be dried before starting weaving it

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