Wall woven hanging baskets - set of 9 baskets

Mama Zuri Style

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This African wall decor baskets comprises of 5 baskets in 12” and 3 baskets in 7”
1 winnowing basket 16”
9 African woven decorative designs
these colorful baskets have penetrated in the walls of various homes across the globe

• Wall hanging
• Displayed as a centerpiece
• Fruit Bowl
• Entry Way bowl
• Keys Holder
• Jewelry storage
Each basket bowl has unique patterns and which carries different meaning . Africa baskets represent the symbol of love . 95% of african mothers present the baskets to their daughters as a wedding gifts .most of the Africa baskets are being used to serve meal “ugali “ while in the western world baskets are used to decorate the walls.

Each basket has a loop on the back, making it easy to hang on a wall.
Maintenance: do not expose in the sun , use soft dry cloth to remove the dust