Moses baskets as a gift to new expecting parents

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one may consider that moses basket as a perfect gift to present to a new expecting parents . You will definitely transfer joy to the new expected parents by offering a mobile bed and that is very practical in the first three months of a new born . Your dollars and gift choices earn a lot of command . 
great ideas to have in mind . It’s all about nature and handmade art work 

This Moses basket is beautiful handcrafted by members of our team
The basket is double woven to give strength and durability.

Each Moses basket takes several days to hand weaves from start to finish

29" to 30” height 
15' to 17'' width
deep length 9 to 11 inches
handles height is 11 inches approximately
width of the handles -8 inches

the baskets can be used for a baby girl or baby boy

you have a choice to choose the decorating color but the base color is natural grass color