Beautiful boho decorative basket

Make your home beautiful... With rustic décor baskets

If you look around your home, do you like it?  Are your décors aligning with your house settings such as wall colors and furniture arrangements? Do you have an idea of what to do to improve your home in an affordable yet elegant way?


MamaZuri styles has an option for you – with woven and rattan baskets that will enhance your home setting in a contemporary manner.
Contemporary home setting attracts various decor styles. Baskets allow someone to organize a home in a modern, neat and stress less way. You can be collecting and placing all needed but not to be always seen items in big decorative baskets that can be placed in your lounge, house corridors or anywhere visible in the house. They will be stunning as long as they are well positioned.


Baskets come in many forms, colors, sizes and for different uses. Some can be placed on a wall, hallway, some on table top, some as hamper and kitchen baskets, and some in the bathrooms for various uses.  So, try to create a stunning home by incorporating beautiful decorative baskets. Spreading baskets from one room to another can do a home make over for the entire home with different color baskets. The weavers have mastered the idea of dyeing straw with various colors and the work turns out appealing and attractive. The coloring provides options for different home settings and preferences.

 Also, to remember as you decorate your house with the baskets – is the charity and empowerment part you contribute to the women from corners of the world you may not have imagined. They reside in rural areas and use natural fibers and materials from their surroundings to make the baskets. No plastics. So, they are environmentally friendly.   Decorative rustic baskets have, thus, taken its legacy to any boho home setting styles. Boho decor is really meant for outgoing women. So, connecting all women from different worlds and lifestyles – the weavers and the users. A well decorated home will bring peace, purpose and calmness. Boho decorations are practical and handy. Colorful baskets offer vibrant themes with high energy. Boho baskets offer so may options to people who are ready to do make over in their homes. 

 Boho decorative baskets

In addition to Boho home style, farmhouse style has become popular and trendy. People are falling in love with. Baskets can transform your house into a farmhouse look even if it’s located in a city or urban setting. So, regardless of the location, you can accessorizyour farm house with woven rustic decor that doesn't occupy much space. 

Ok some practical advice here! – can you start by adding pot shaped basket on the table? See it’ll automatically draws attention to any visitor and most importantly to your eyes. You may keep similar decor style by adding another basket by the entrance, this will pause as a mail storage basket or keys storage basket. The ultimate idea is to bring new ambiance in your home. 

 Boho top table baskets

Finally, remember -you can always add rustic baskets on your bedroom At the end of the day, anybody can make their own decor styles. Don’t doubt your taste. There are no wrong or right formulas when it comes to beautiful home decorations particularly with rustic African woven baskets

MamaZuriStyle is ready to journey with you towards a beautiful home setting with our different woven rustic décor baskets. Welcome

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