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What is MamaZuriStyle All About

Mamazuristyle is an online handmade  shop that curates unique woven goods such as moses baskets , decorative home decor baskets , lampshades and shopping baskets . Mamazuristyle collaborate with artisans communities from Bolga region in Ghana to weave the best woven goods which features sustainability and durability . Our products have been known for its own unique and extraordinary features such as oversize lampshades 

Our products quality have made us to thrive and to continue serving customers from all over the world. Mamazuristyle  offers eco friendly and sustainable goods

What can you purchase from Mamazuristyle 

* Moses Basket 

* Decorative Home Decor Baskets 

* Oversize Lampshades 

* Bolga straw hats

* Wooden masks

How to order your goods 

Mamazuristyle sells through various marketplace from Etsy to Amazon . You can also connect with us via Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest - @mamazuristyle 

What is the price range for our Goods 

Our prices vary from $30 to $1200 depends on the quantity of items you want to order . Some items like Oversize lampshades prices are very due to its size and techniques needed to weave the lampshades.

How and Where MamaZuriStyle ship from 

Mamazuristyle offers free shipping and our items are being dispatched from Ghana . We ship worldwide through DHL . Order with confidence and we are ready to ship your items to your address. Purchase items on Mamazuristyle benefits the artisans community , provide income sustainability to our Bolga local Community. 

Mamazuristyle uses platform such as etsy , Shopify and Amazon to sell its items . Rest be assured your personal information is secured and we do not have an access to your credit cards . We only collect name and addresses for the purpose of shipping . 

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