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Mama Zuri Style

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Sweet pie necklace can not be found in high street shops . Handmade beaded work made by women who love to do bead work since childhood.
The sweet pie necklace has a combination of these beads colors : white, gold beads , mettalic gold and a little chunky of brass colors
Made to order designs

African gold beaded necklace perfect style to wear on a wedding ceremony or on any award nifght ceremony
Maasai tribal jewelry represents the north american colors . The maasai love red , blue , white , green and orange but Malaika Zuri Style brought its own color combination style.

This African gold necklace by Maasai people is made up with different beads colors and wire thread .
It's a classic Tanzania necklace that can be worn with various outfit
Free size necklace
The handmade Maasai or South African necklace style represents latest trendy in African accessories
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This necklace can be worn in any season of the year. It a new style that brings vibrant Colours on top of your classic outfit
Well finished necklace.

One can wear this necklace with a plain sleeveless outfit. You definately need to have a simple dress that will make this necklace to shout out . You dont have to wear complicated style.
You have the ability and power to change your outlook from the way you accessorize your style.
For men you have the same power to change your wife look . She can definately wear very unique malaika Zuri Style necklace .