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Moses Baskets Benefits for New parents and newborns

Decorative , functional, colorful and comfortability at its finest

Moses baskets are purely handwoven work from Ghana artisans. Baskets are life savers to newborn and parents. Its very comfortable and safe baskets to own especially when baby is 0 to 3 months of age 

Some moses baskets have decorative patterns that could work well with other décor accents in your home. Best moses basket will be 9.5 inches deep and enough width to place the pad. The pad always need to be 1.5 inches thick and not more than that. Moses baskets space don't allow additional baby items such as toys or stuffed animals  , this reduces the risks of baby getting chocked. 

Parents, grandparents , baby shower guests have choices when it comes to color selection . MamaZuriStyle weave moses baskets from scratch so there is always a room to add color of your choice . Different ethnic groups prefer different colors due to a variety of reasons , some wants the colors that blend with their home or nursery room . Others choose the colors based on what they grew up with so it brings back the childhood memory . Most of the USA parents love black and natural color , Germany loves moses baskets with black colors . Canadians love bassinets with neutral colors or earth tones colors

Baby baskets offer multiple benefits from bedding to room décor and storage. Sometimes you just need a starting point such as to list the benefits of getting moses baskets for your newborn. Baby baskets turns out to be more functional when the baby grew out of it , parents can use moses baskets in different ways or can always donate to their friends or charities .Other parents have used as toys storage or clean diaper storage . One invisible benefit of having handmade baby bassinet basket is to keep artisans community busy with work , as result they are able to feed their families and meet their family expenses . The benefits go both ways . Your newborn offers blessing to another community as you will be looking into handwoven moses basket. 

Parents are always getting their nursery room ready before their newborn arrives. You should order your basket at least 3 months before your due date

Lastly moses baskets provide calmness, comfort and peace to the new  parents
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