Eco-friendly-African-Handmade-Baby-Moses-Bassinets-by-Mama-Zuri Mama Zuri Style

Eco friendly African Handmade Baby Moses Bassinets by Mama Zuri

Baby bassinet come in oval shape and with leather handles or without handles. Beautiful, sturdy but still light weight, it can be used for different reasons such as baby bedding, home décor and toys storage.  People recommend Moses’ basket for babies who are under 3 months old.
 Beautiful, durable and magnificent mosses bassinet for both baby girls and baby boys. MamaZuriStyle offers unique designs and patterns such as geometric, polka dot. Be our ambassadors by promoting our mosses bassinet.
MamaZuriStyle focuses on incredible quality and craftsmanship. Colors arrangement are what makes the Moses basket to set a high bar when it comes to handmade work
 Surprise your girlfriend, daughter in law or a friend with this beautiful Moses bassinet
Vibrant colors on mosses bassinet draw attention to new moms Some mosses baskets are large enough to hold snuggle me bassinets.
Other people refers mosses bassines as cradle baskets, moses basket bassinet, baby nest basket, baby shipping basket, Ghana baskets woven or artisans baby basket . All of the above are what people refer as moses basket.
The basket is an absolute must have before the due date and it has been proven to exceed a lot of parent’s expectations
The basket smell like a warm grass so it exposes your baby to nature from their first life stage. Parents are cementing environmental concerns and issues to their children at the earliest stage, and this brings awareness to the new generation
Handmade bassinets support the artisan’s community, your child blessings are being extended to the artisans communities as well.
Enjoy the pictures from Germany
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