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Latest African Wave Baskets Style 2022 – Pakurigo style

 African inspired decorative wave baskets have paved its way to Giant retails stores and to many luxurious homes.  The baskets portray geometric patterns ,undefine patterns and undefine shapes, today you will see a wave basket that has shaped like pot. We have pot baskets, onion shaped baskets and pakurigo baskets styles. All these baskets designs and patterns are representing the latest decorative baskets style . The art of weaving baskets can be compared as an architectural  art . The weavers have opened up the idea of offering the most beautiful woven decorative baskets 

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MamaZuriStyle and Babatreebasket have fueled the market with unique, authentic, and versatile decorative woven baskets. The master weavers have played a role of using technical woven skills while engineers and designers are using computers to do the designing. Traditional skills have paved the way of modern weaving mindset. 

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Distinctive imaginations  have changed the traditional weaving skills . It takes several days to weave the wave decorative and lampshades décor pieces.  

Black interior designers team have also play a role of incorporating African woven décor pieces in their projects . High quality woven art work is appealing to many retail buyers, museums and collectors. 

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Decorative baskets can be displayed as a group or on its own. Baskets define different meanings such as decorations, functionality, or other ways.

A contemporary home will always deploy the ideas of using luxurious woven decorative baskets. Some baskets have natural colors which blend well with anything. 

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Colorful woven baskets brighten up the living rooms, home office, kitchen and master bedrooms. Baskets are appearing to be the great alternative to replace the photography, painting, and other famous decor items 

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The pakurigo wave baskets and lampshades combines unique features and patterns that appease the décor cravings of so many homeowners . Sustainable decor objects offer best decor choices in the marketplace









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