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Find things you love for your baby comes with tons of research. New parents are overwhelming with so many baby products available in the market both locally and globally. Technology  has exposed us to various culture and tastes. 

Millennial parents have many choices , too many decisions and little time to come up with the lists or baby items they want . You have to consider practical and luxurious , or trendy 
Social media platforms also dictate our lifestyles and we are being forced to go with other people's opinion  based on the product presentation . One advise to new parents is to be yourself and not to engage in any race or competition . Question to ask yourself is affordability and resources to support your purchase . Most of the time friends and family members tend to purchase  organic baby cloths, organic baby baskets (moses basket)  and organic foods. Handmade baby products are also rising up with the help of  various marketplace platforms. 

Lucky pregnant women have received assistance from their parents or grandparents to be. Majority of grand parents tend to spend big chunky of money to buy items such as moses bassinet basket, baby crib or stroller.
Its always great to prepare baby necessity list ahead of time. Some parents start the list as soon as they are approaching second trimester . Vitamins are needed from day 1 of pregnancy's to the end. 

Simple baby list items for the first time parents 
Cloths , receiving blankets , wipes , diapers, bottles , moses basket ,vitamin D , omega 3 , dirty diaper bin , diaper storage basket , Other baby items can be added as the time goes on .

check out these cute cloth from Nordstrom .


Browse moses baskets selection here

Vitamins can be found at various drug stores and community natural stores 
Crib can be found at other baby stores 

lastly, baby needs to have a name before you get to the hospital , some cultures prefer to use traditional names  or religious names . To shop for move baby bassinets check out mamazuristyle website 

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