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Why Moses basket?


 There’s an old but forever interesting story of a young cute boy in a foreign land.  Unfortunately, the land became unfriendly to the group of foreigners, whom the boy belonged. The king of the land had ordered that all young boys born by that particular group of foreigners must be killed. Luckily, the boy’s mother was wiser than the king could have imagined.

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She was innovative enough to make a basket through which she could keep her son safe even in a hiding place away from home where he was going to be killed by the authorities. She took dried cypress leaves and made a beautiful basket. She placed her cute vulnerable few days only old boy into the basket and took him to the hiding place on the sides of a big river. She assigned the boy’s sister to stay close and have an eye on the boy.

Lucky does not get lost. The princess, most beautiful of the king’s favorite daughters, met the boy. In his most vulnerable place. The boy was irresistibly cute. The princess could not think of anything else but to make an immediate bold decision to adopt the boy. The boy’s sister walked closer and spoke to the princess. She did not only agree with the adoption but also offered to nurse the boy on behalf of the princess. So lucky extended from the boy to his sister- who got a paid job of taking care of her little brother. They both moved from the riverbed to the palace. The boy was still in his cypress leaves handmade basket.  

Rattan moses bassinet

The basket served the boy well. It was comfortable and protective even in most vulnerable environment. It had the ability to showcase the cuteness of the boy.  Given the boy’s luck and a miracle from being a condemned and charged to die little boy to be an adopted prince – the basket deserved the name – MOSES BASKET. Moses was the name of the boy. To cut the long story short, Moses became a big name in the world and special in the history of three major Abrahamic religions – Jewish, Islam and Christianity

In respect to the history, we are honored to bring together passionate women in West Africa to use local fibres and natural materials such as straw leaves to continue make baskets for babies – that can be used in both vulnerable environments and most secured beautiful places such as palaces. Whatever the situation, we believe that Moses Basket is for every child and every mother with ambitious vision and plans for her child should get a Moses Basket. 

At Mama Zuri Style, we strive to ensure quality and appearance. We want safety and comfortability to your child. We want you to feel the pride that in buying a Moses basket your extending earning for women in West African villages. You are doing what the princess did to Moses’ sister – by offering an opportunity for a certain woman to earn income. 

Let’s keep the history – as you buy Moses’ Basket for your child or a friend’s child – remember the old story of Moses and feel good. Thank you for reading this with me.

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