What an Amazing High quality woven Dog Bed


Woven dog bed 

Dog owners tend to spend a noticeable amount of their income towards dog items from food to bedding. Dogs’ accessories are also becoming a thing and almost a must buy for dog owners. More so, dog owners who can afford ensure that their dogs get proper health care and veterinary services. 

“Owning a dog and holding it feels like a baby in my arms”, expressed a dog owner.  Such a feeling illustrates the reason as to why a person is ready to spend wholesomely to keep a dog.  
Dog owning, on the other side, displays an affluent lifestyle. In the Western world, it is almost becoming a necessity to own a dog based on the lifestyles. Dogs also provide companionship and express love in ways that are appreciated and felt by their owners. The liberal and consumer lifestyle which is often individual-based have enhanced dog ownership. 

One of the accessories for dogs includes a dog basket. In fact, as days go by, dog baskets are moving from being a mere accessory to being essential.  The most positive result of this, is that dog owners are now  sharing their income with the weavers who are often across the oceans and miles away. When a dog owner orders a basket, it means weavers in Ghana and other parts of the world are able to put meals on their family tables.  Weaving is a growing industry in some of the low income countries - and it is creating its own supply chains that end up benefiting a whole community. As the industry grows, weavers are gaining more skills by incorporating new ideas into their weaving activities. 
Mamazuristyle offers woven dog baskets that depict handmade work from Ghana. Dog bassinet comes in small, medium and large sizes. Our dog bassinets come with a mattress which provides comfort. Most of the dog owners already know their breeds and it is easier for them to figure out the size and style of bassinet they want from the variety of choices we offer.  Someone can always design his or her own color of choice. Dog guardians have a chance to incorporate their designs in paper and the weavers are able to follow the patterns. One can come up with unique patterns and colors that demonstrate a certain personality of their dogs.  As far as we know dog bassinet is like fashion styles for dogs.
Mamazuristyle dog baskets are allergy free and are lab-tested. They are for indoor use. Our dog bassinet can be moved from one room to another. You can even set the dog bassinet beside your bed. When you receive your bassinet, you don't need to assemble it, you only need to spray cold water and reshape it.

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