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Best African Baskets handmade from size 7 inches to 12 inches

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African baskets bring handmade creativity into décor reality . Women weave these baskets with joy that is being spread to the customers who get the baskets . Africa is the home of different woven style from Ungo  Tanzania baskets , Binga Zimbabwe baskets , Rwandese baskets to Ghana baskets . Each country offers unique woven skills that can not be copied with other people. 
-Handmade item
-Color: as per image

Note :There is products variations since our products are purely handmade work

The baskets range from 7” to 12”

African baskets décor ideas can serve different ideas. For example they are perfect for dining table ,  wall décor , restaurant decorations and hotel decorations

2 baskets are 12” 
2 large flat woven disc (14” to 15”)
1 small flat woven disc
2 wicker baskets -16”

The list excluding planter baskets

Play around with different décor accessories and different colors to formulate something unique and trendy. African home décor accessories are coming up. Some hotels have used these décor to bring a different touch.  there is no magic formula and you don't have to follow traditional ways of decorating.  Most people like matching colors, such as teal wall décor with teal cushion covers, Sometimes we refer it as 90's home décor styles. We offer different African home décor accessories and this will help you to develop a timeless beauty to your living room. If you have interior designing mind you will not loosing anything

The baskets colors are vibrant, the fine stitching is soft to the touch, they hang beautifully on the wall, and there is a color for every décor. The baskets are a message of reconciliation, peace, and hope for the future. These traditional Rwandan baskets are woven using native sisal
Some one can use it to decorate the living room, stair wall , kitchen wall and bedroom
It can be used to decorate a restaurant or office work

Perfect for Wedding gift, housewarming gifts, graduation gift or it can be given to someone loves jewelry.

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