Kente Ghana fabrics royal attire /Ghana kente/original African fabric/ original style/African fashion/tradition

Mama Zuri Style

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This Ghana kente fabric is 100 % handwoven 
This high quality Kente print is soft, made from cotton fabric.
Kente can be used to design African dress, Skirts, head ties, shirts, for both casual and special occasion.
One can also design an African quilt.

Width: 45 ins

Color may be different due to your monitor.

We are here to pamper with original kente
It's not about the price
It's about quality

This is top quality kente work

Rich global textile

This handwoven textile from Ghana. It has been their traditional fabric that have been used by Ghana
Ghana is proudly selling this kente fabric around the world

The color might be a little bit different because of the monitors