African Baskets Woven Wall Hanging DE

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African Baskets woven wall hanging come in different patterns and colors . Home interior designers and bloggers have always incorporated African baskets in their portfolio. 

MamaZuriStyle is proud to offer you an excellent woven décor wall hanging baskets . Handmade baskets have replaced other décor accessories in the world of interior designing . Interior designers have become versatile when it comes to both home and office decorations 

-Handmade item

2 baskets are 12” 
2 large flat woven disc (14” to 15”)
1 small flat woven disc
2 wicker baskets -16”

The list excluding African planter baskets

African baskets on wall can be mounted in different form of designs such as horizontal or diagonally . Others home designers can place the baskets in the form of Diamond or square patterns .