Best Handmade wooden mask decor accent in Canada and USA

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You definitely deserve to own this best Handmade wooden mask décor accent  for your home.  African round wooden mask from the fine classic wood called sese wood  

The masks portray different Ashanti symbols . Ashanti tribe is the royal tribe in Ghana that maintains its values and meanings. The masks symbols have histories and legacies

Sese wood, brass for some masks and colors

Mask Usage

Intended as wall decor , museum display or library display
due to hand craft nature , the features such as shape , color, size might not be 100 % accurate .

Dimensions / diameter are :
25 cm
30 cm
40 cm

The mask is hand curved from the beginning to the end . There is no machine to shape it . The mask details are hand curved as well . The mask are crafted by using old traditional tools
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Production time is 5 to 8 days

Stay tuned this year we are bringing decors that you can never imagine to have in your house