African Ashanti tribal wooden stool Ghana made

Mama Zuri Style

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Ashanti Stool from Ghana

mid Height: 13 Inches
side Length: 21 Inches
Width: 11 Inches
Weight: 5.5 kg

symbols on the stools are : GYE NYAME

Symbol of the Supremacy of God , it reflects the religious and Godly

stools had a spiritual importance in the past, today people are using it as a living room furniture. The stool was understood to be seat of its owner's soul. When not in use it was therefore placed at a slant against wall so that non of the souls passing by could settle on it. The Asante (Ghanaian tribe) say that there are no secrets between a man and his stool. Such stools were each carved out of a single piece of light wood. If a king died a natural death during his own reign, one of his stools was blackened and would, in future, be regarded as an ancestral seat. Sacrifice would then be made to it.

It is handmade by the member of our shop. Give us 10 days to produce