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6 baskets - ungo and Rwandese baskets
You will receive 7 baskets in this dimensions
1 large flat disc woven - 16”
3 Rwanda baskets -10” to 12”
2 flat woven disc

Bring African theme decor to your house. The basket is around
It can be hanged on the wall
This is our own design and we are very proud to have this “ungo” design. Ungo is used for kitchen. People put rice and other dry stuff in the kitchen
Blue gray and orange white basket can be used as a gift basket

African basket decor is perfect for dining table , wall decor
This is pure handmade work from Rwanda. Classic handwoven work

It can serve different purposes

If you have interior designing mind you will not loosing anything

Perfect for Wedding gift, housewarming gifts, graduation gift or it can be given to someone loves jewelry

You can also use the baskets for staging
These ungo baskets reflect the modern way of decorating home by placing one of a kind African decor. The baskets have totally changed the interior designing styles .
Let Mama Zuri Style make unique and fabulous baskets for your living room