Wall Baskets Decorations African style Purple designs

Mama Zuri Style

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You will receive 4 pieces of woven baskets and 3 trivet.so a total of 7 pieces of woven wall decor
These baskets will blend well with a white wall or the living room that has green ,black and teal touch . This basket colors combinations will bring a differenttouch

African baskets have penetrated the decor world by bringing a different decor inspiration .

The Rwanda baskets have broken the Traditional ways of decorating homes . People are no longer rely on traditional ways of decorating homes

Be yourself and acting upon your decor inspiration.

The baskets sizes are between 7” to 12 inches

The set has both green and teal colors

You may use these baskets to decorate upscale hotel rooms or non profit organizations offices

This is an alternative decor you should consider to have .
The baskets have a loop at the back
In other words you will have a contemporary living room or bedroom by adding this collection

Shipping time is between 5 to 15 days .

The set is ready to be shipped