Swahili wall decorative baskets ungo design Tanzania

Mama Zuri Style

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Diameter : 15 “ to 18”
Woven basket made from natural coconut leaves and then painted after it was woven.most amazing decor to have in 2019
Shape : Round woven decor
Color patterns and size differ from one basket to another . The beautiful handwoven basket is made for different purposes

In Tanzania people use ungo basket to store the rice or other people use to keep the wet food while drying in the sun
For western world the ungo basket is being used as a wall hanging decor . Ungo basket can be used to decorate the hall way entry or bedroom or living room

African ungo baskets was designed by MamaZuriStyle.

It’s purely handmade work
This is ready to be shipped
It takes 5 to 7 days to prepare ungo baskets

Maintenance : Remove dust with soft dry towel