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Assorted Rwanda Peace Baskets for wall hanging

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Rwandese baskets are being considered as peaceful baskets or reconciliation baskets . Baskets production came into effect once the war was over . Women became creative under the assistance of few Americans companies . The war settlement made them to find an sustainable economic activities which led to baskets production.

Today , Rwandese baskets are considered as a popular decor trendy and its a new way of decorating modern homes 

This listing offers 7 baskets that are composed of 6 Rwandese baskets 12” and 1 Tanzania ungo baskets 16 inches 

Item Overview
-Handmade item
-Dimensions: Rwandese mixed inches
-Materials: Coconut fibre, vegetable color and sisal

Note: There is product variations since our products are purely handmade work.

Decorate your dream house with our beautifully Rwandese crafted décor 
Spacious home deserves high end African décor that have both African theme and western theme colors.
The baskets can be mounted in one wall or can be spread out throughout the house.
Give your self a new home by adding extra décor accessories from one room to another. Home decorations is about putting puzzles together.
You keep observing things around until you get the décor accessories that will match with your house color.
Every one has décor eyes. Your décor style is different from another person.

They can serve for different purposes. For example they are perfect for dinning table, fruits baskets, Wall decor etc

They are perfect as wedding gift, house warming gift, graduation gift also it can be given to someone who loves jewelry etc

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