Newborn gifts for 2021 mosses basket

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benefits of why mosses basket should be on new born shopping list 

- eco friendly product

- baby will encounter nature on the first days/ month of his or her life

- the basket is mobile can be moved around all the times 

- Durable baskets 

- avoid fatal accident by not let the child sleeping next to you since you will be overwhelmed with lots of things surround the birth , one being tiredness 

This Moses basket is beautiful handcrafted by members of our team
It is made from natural elephant grass and coloured with traditional plant and mineral dyes.
The basket is double woven to give strength and durability.

Each Moses basket takes several days to hand weaves from start to finish

29" width
15' width
deep lenth 9 to 11 inches
handles height is 11 inches approximately
width of the handles -8 inches

the baskets can be used for a baby girl or baby boy

you have a choice to choose the decoration color but the base color is natural grass color

free african names to give to your new born: if interested we can send you the meaning and how to pronounce it

Asante ( Boy)
Baraka ( Boy)