African decorative baskets

Immediate sense of home and comfort

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October marks two big events here in Canada and one event in the USA . We tend to celebrate two major holidays - Thanksgiving and Halloween . Both holidays come with its own designing concepts that needs some sort of creativity minds . 
Thanksgiving tends to solidify the family values and relationships. Families gather together and have meal together . One person in the family has to prepare the family meals as well as to decorate her home with the thanksgiving theme. Turkey is always the main dish followed by mashed potatoes , gravy , breads and extra . You have to think about serving dishes and noticed around people use baskets to serve the breads or any dried foods . I happened to be invited to various homes and one thing that you can’t miss is bread in a serving basket. In today market we have so many baskets options are available in the market from the Rwandese to Ghanaian baskets in other words african baskets . The baskets feature decorative pattens and unique colors and that is what led to immediate sense of home and comfortability . You have so many chances to browse around on what is available in the market . 

likewise , Halloween comes with its own theme decor , one has to be highly creative when it comes to Halloween decorations. Some people buy ready made decor and others rely on handmade sellers such as Mamazuristyle and others . Again people tend to use baskets to store candies . Kids love the idea of trick or treat . Most people display their Halloween decor in front of their homes and it shows the sense of welcoming  all the kids and their parents who are ready to get free candies . Someone will always need a big basket for Halloween candies storage .
Happy thanksgiving ! Happy Halloween! 

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