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Mama Zuri Style

African Ashanti tribal wooden stool

African Ashanti tribal wooden stool

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African wooden Stool from Ghana

Experience the beauty and cultural significance of the African Ashanti tribe with this exquisite tribal wooden stool! Handcrafted from the sese wood with traditional and symbolic symbols, this piece is sure thing  to make a  decor statement in any room. With its unique and meaningful markings, this stool serves as a reminder of the richness of African culture.

This African Ashanti tribal wooden stool is perfect for traditional or contemporary living spaces. Its unique design allows it to fit any decor style, the stool has earning its nickname of museum display stool. Crafted from durable wood, it makes the perfect statement piece.


mid Height: 13 Inches
side Length: 21 Inches
Width: 11 Inches
Weight: 5.5 kg


symbols on the stools are : GYE NYAME

Symbol of the Supremacy of God , it reflects the religious and Godly

The wooden stool can be used to decorate homes , in the museums and it can be used in various historical places 

It is handmade by the member of our shop. Give us 10 days to produce

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