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Moses basket baby for newborn handmade style

Moses basket baby for newborn handmade style

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Expected moms gain confidence once they get to know the benefits of using Moses basket such as comfortability to the baby , baby diaper storage or toys storage once the baby is no longer use it .

Moses baskets offer piece of mind as soon as you get one .

There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to selection of Moses basket .

Moses basket comes in different color patterns and sizes 

Dimensions : 29 inches L and 16 inches width

30 inches l and 18.5 inches width  fits well with dock and tot pads or snuggle me pads 

how long can you use Mosses basket 
Moses basket is good until the baby turns 20 pounds or when baby turn himself / herself or roll ever by himself/ herself then stop using it

How to Order :

order 2 to  3 months before the due date 

How to reshape moses basket

reshape by using cold water and at the same time you are straighten it 

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