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Mama Zuri Style

U shopper Basket for Weekend Gateway

U shopper Basket for Weekend Gateway

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u shopper baskets for weekend gateway. Reusable u shopper basket that can be used any day or any time . This is purely handwoven basket from Bolga town Ghana.  Durability and longevity allows people to use their baskets frequently without any issue. 

People love sturdy basket and that is what u shoppers basket is all about .  Your day becomes stylish and organized once you pack all your items in this beautiful basket 

Fashion lovers uses basket to stylish their day .

Other people use it for farmers market , grocery shopping and for office usage . 

rustic shopping basket and yet stylish  . You can also consider U shopper basket as a Christmas gift . 

17” middle width,

bottom width 8” to 10''

15” to 16'' long
Trust your fashion style by adding this beautiful straw basket 

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