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Mama Zuri Style

Ethical baby mosses bassinet basket

Ethical baby mosses bassinet basket

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Ethical baby mosses bassinet basket represents natural eco friendly environment . The basket offer natural environment to the new born

The moses baskets can be used to decorate nursery room before due date.

Other people have used the moses baskets to store diapers and other baby essential items .

Moses basket portrays as a classic way of providing bedding to a new born

 Moses bassinets come in two sizes .  30" and 18.5"  // 29 inches and 16 inches 

MamaZuriStyle offers different patterns and colors when it comes to moses baskets designs. You can always request for a modification that will suit your nursery decor theme.

Moses baskets can be reshaped by using cold water 

Natural handmade work from Ghana . Different African countries weave different moses baskets styles 


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