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Mama Zuri Style

African wooden masks contemporary decor

African wooden masks contemporary decor

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This Wooden Mask  represents a powerful symbol of African culture, legacy, and tribal values - stretching back for centuries. The mask portrays a woman face as a symbol of Beauty, love and  caring . Most African women do carry a big responsibilities when it comes to home errands and daily family affairs . Women are expected to handle multiple tasks from the family to community roles . Women always make sure the the kitchen affair is functional and meals are readily available all the times .

Today people love the idea of using wooden mask to decorate living room , bedroom , hallway  or home office  

Each mask holds its own history and meaning, and when you bring it into your home, you'll be sure to make a bold, meaningful statement.

red lipstick mask is fits in both contexts such as traditional and modern women . 

MamaZuriStyle is proud to sell this exquisite wooden masks . 

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