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Mama Zuri Style

Mamazuri Woven Pet Dog lounger

Mamazuri Woven Pet Dog lounger

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the Mamazuri Pet Dog Lounger is an exquisite work of art! Crafted by skilled local artisans from Bolga region Ghana, each dog lounger is a unique creation, boasting its own sophisticated pattern, color, and size. Your pup will adore the comfort and beauty that this piece of artisanal craftsmanship brings to their home.

Basket external dimensions (Handmade May Vary):

small 24 L 15 W 10 H inches

Medium 28 l 17 W 11 H inches

large 30 l 19W 12 H inches

XL 33 L 22 W 13 H inches

XXL 36 L 26 W 13 H inches

Weight: 6-8 kg


Basket - made of all natural elephant grass & dyes

Cleaning Instructions:

Basket can be wiped or rinsed under water. If the basket is misshaped: (1) Run under cold water (2) Allow to sit for 5 minutes (3) Gently reshape the basket (4) Allow to fully dry in an airy place, due to natural nature of basket it can mold if left wet.

Basket is made from natural Elephant grass with no chemical additives, and may become misshapen in packaging in transit. We have videos available to assist with reshaping and setup. Misshapen baskets are NOT defective or damaged. This is normal for elephant grass material , it is malleable and they pop right back into shape.

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