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Mama Zuri Style

Wicker Straw Lampshade

Wicker Straw Lampshade

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A Touch of Elegance with Straw Wicker Lampshade Pendant Lighting

Wicker Rustic straw lampshades offer unique decor look in your space. It can be seen as a sustainable and eco friendly lampshade to have in your home. One of its kind . Home needs new unique lampshade that offer blended natural ambiance 

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Transform your living space with the warm, exotic ambiance of our Unique African Lampshade

55 cm long 28 cm width 3 cm hole

this lampshade features black and natural color

Electrical code is not included . You can always get electrical code from the department al home improvement stores

LED bulb usage is highly recommended

Our Straw Wicker Lampshade Pendant Lighting is an embodiment of skilled artistry and natural beauty. Each lampshade is meticulously handcrafted from high-quality straw wicker, exuding a homey and warm feel while illuminating your space with a sophisticated touch.

As pendant lighting, it seamlessly drops from the ceiling, providing the perfect amount of light to any room. Its unique design allows the light to disperse evenly, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere to your home interior.

More than just lighting, it contributes to an eco-friendly home decor that respects and values the preservation of natural resources. The Straw Wicker Lampshade Pendant Lighting represents a modern aesthetic combined with traditional craftsmanship, ideal for homeowners who appreciate both contemporary and classic home accents.

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